Senior Decision Makers From Leading & Innovative Mining Companies With The Following Job Titles:

  • President
  • COO
  • CFO
  • Vice President, Environmental Affairs
  • Vice President, Sustainability
  • Vice President, Corporate Affairs
  • Director Of Environment
  • Director Of Government And External Affairs
  • Director, Land & Water Department
  • Director Tailings & Water Resources
  • Director, Water Resources Development
  • Head Of Environment
  • Environmental Affairs Manager
  • Environmental And Sustainability Manager
  • Manager Environmental Affairs
  • Senior Hydrogeologist
  • Water Resources Engineers & Managers
  • HSE Manager
  • EH&S Manager
  • Divisional Environmental Manager
  • Head Of CSR / Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Energy And Environment Manager
  • Head Of Safety And Sustainable Development Integration
  • Environmental Engineer
  • Coordinator Vice President Sustainability
  • Technology Manager
  • Surface Mine Engineer


  • Government Regulators
  • Mining Consultancies
  • Water Treatment Technology Companies
  • Water Recycling Technology Companies
  • Water Treatment Chemical Companies
  • Engineering, Procurement & Construction Firms For The Mining Industry
  • Hydrogeological Solutions Companies
  • Water Membrane Companies
  • Water Filtration Companies
  • Water Separation Companies
  • Produced Water Treatment Companies
  • Mining Chemicals Solutions
  • Environmental Water Solutions
  • Integrated Water Management Consultancies / Solutions
  • Groundwater Consultancies
  • Mining Water Pumps
  • Groundwater Modeling Services
  • Biodiversity Solutions
  • Major Accountancy Firms & Consultants


Daniel Eyde

Dan Eyde

CTO And President

St. Cloud Mining Company

Katharine Fredriksen

Katharine Fredriksen

SVP for Environmental Strategy & Regulatory Affairs

Consol Energy

Jim Harrington

Jim Harrington


Alexco Environmental Group

Roger Higgins

Roger Higgins

Senior Vice President - Copper

Teck Resources

Mark Thorpe

Dr. Mark Thorpe

Vice President of Sustainability

Golden Star Resources

Tim Dyhr

Tim Dyhr

Vice President - Environment & External Relations

Nevada Copper Corp

Sam Luoma

Sam Luoma

Chief Advisor Environment, Africa

Rio Tinto


Dr Krishna Parameswaran

Director of Environmental Services and Compliance Assurance


Eric Fry

Eric Fry

Director Of Regulatory Affairs


Jeff Dunn

Jeff Dunn

Senior Hydrogeologist

Rio Tinto

2nd Global Mining Water Management 2013 Initiative – Thank You

On January 30-31, mine water leaders gathered in Las Vegas for a vibrant learning and networking hub. We would like to thank our speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, delegates and media partners for contributing to an excellent conference.

Adrian Brown – President  - International Mine Water Association:

“I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to participate in a well-run, technically valuable initiative. I was particularly impressed with the quality of the mining industry contribution, which you were directly responsible for organizing.”


Day One opened with an investigation of the strategic top line views of senior leaders of the global mining industry, focusing on planning and the avoidance of costly operational challenges. We then moved on to an innovative global regulatory discussion panel, aiding mining operators to ensure regulatory compliance, followed by a series of global case studies honing in on specific global challenges and highlighting transferrable lessons learned. The day concluded with investigations of water sourcing and the socio-political business impact aspect of mining water management, all with the ultimate aim of lowering costs and increasing operational effectiveness.

Day Two began with a focus on the bottom line business models that can be applied to water management strategies. The key issues of legacy mine management and the related issue of acid rock drainage will then be addressed. A special operational focus will then explore the issues of water recycling, mine dewatering and tailings management. Drawing the day to a close, delegates benefited from analysis of innovative technologies across data collection systems, water treatment and drilling to really drive forward your water management plans and operations.

We look forward to welcoming you all again next year, please email
info@american-business-conferences.com to be kept up to date with any

Kind Regards

Global Mining Water Management Team


American Business Conferences is widely recognized as the industry leading provider of detailed-orientated Water Management Initiatives ,...


5 Key Reasons To Attend In 2013:

  • Engage in constructive strategic and operational discussions with an unparalleled speaker panel, drawn from the world’s largest mining industry hubs on the adoption of innovative water management strategies to reduce cost and improve operational efficiency
  • Hear from 20+ senior mining industry water management professionals as they evaluate key significant challenges and the tactics to address them across planning, operations and post-mine closure
  • Find increasingly effective solutions and pinpoint transferable technologies, in the context of meeting challenging cost targets, through interacting with leading water management experts and organizations
  • Benchmark your water management strategies and share in unique insights on bottom line business models that can be applied to mining water management with detailed cost analysis
  • Enjoy the most comprehensive and detailed analysis of topics in an agenda that representatives of the mining industry have specifically shaped through an extended period of research